• BBC Gardners' World 2012

    Watch our Woolly wonder wall at this year's BBC Gardeners' World at NEC!

  • Martha Stewart

    Miguel Nelson explains Woolly Pocket on the Martha Stewart Show Friday March 5th...

  • Lucky Magazine

    Blogger Catherine McCord keeps a year round herb garden on her kitchen countertop, using a Steve Island!

  • Arbitare Oggi

    Woolly Pocket featured in International design magazine, Arbitare Oggi!

  • Vogue Living

    Vogue Living finds out why planting your Pockets with edibles is a tasty idea!

  • family Circle

    Family Circle

    Ivy League: Think of it as a wallpaper gone wild. The Wally Pocket lets lush greenery sprout right from your walls. The result is a mini oasis that looks a little Gilligan's Island, a lot cool.

  • Garden Center

    Super Sellers

    This item has great sales potential, not only because it’s versatile, but because it’s “way cool.” Woolly Pockets are flexible, breathable and modular gardening containers that are designed to be placed on horizontal surfaces or to to be hung on walls for vertical gardening

  • Garden Chic

    Vertical Gardens Selling It: Small-Space Solutions

    Deep Roots got into selling vertical gardens when it started offering Woolly Pockets last year. Now, customers of all gardening experience levels are planting up their patio areas and spaces along fences and walls. Perennials, a mix of outdoor full sun color, and succulents are most popular, followed by indoor houseplants, herbs and vegetables.

  • ReadyMade

    Operation Vertical Garden

    No doubt about it, vertical gardens are rad. With the help of handy-dandy Woolly Pockets, you can grow herbs, plants, and flowers all in neat little rows.

  • star tribune

    Towers of Flowers

    If Macy’s and Bachman’s really loved us, they’d provide a masseuse at the exit to this year’s annual flower show, what with all the stiff necks prompted by the sky-scraping extravaganza that opens Sunday.

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    Find out why Miami is digging into Pockets!

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    Why LA's Woolly Pockets will not be kept confidential!

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    Daily Candy grows vertically with Woolly Pockets - as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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    Pasadena Magazine tells the story of Woolly Pocket growing up.

  • Lucky Magazine

    The Shopping Report: Why Tina is a must-have this Fall!

  • The Design Sponge

    Architecture + Pockets = Pockitecture. The Design Sponge checks in with Barbara Bestor & her amazing Pocket installations!


    KABC TV's Lori Corban visits the kids at Micheltorena Elementary to see gardens galore!

  • New York Times

    The NY Times discovers why Jamie Durie is wild for Woolly Pockets!

  • Green Source

    An awesome video from The Green Source capturing the planting of our Union Square Woolly School Garden Installation!

  • Los Angeles Times

    The LA Times drops by our Santee & Frida Kahlo High School installations to see the wonder of Woolly School Gardens in action!

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    We find out why Pockets are a hit in Canada!

  • Off-the-Wall-Plants

    New products are bringing the vertical garden home

  • Daily Grommet

    Daily Grommet explores the pleasure of gardening both vertically & wooll-ily!

  • San Francisco Chronicle

    Winter hibernating made easy when Pockets are involved!

  • Fox 5 News

    Fox 5 gets schooled on Woolly School Gardens & visits our sensational Woolly Pocket installation in Union Square!

  • Chicago Tribune

    Woolly Pockets give the term 'wallflower' new meaning!

  • Metro

    These sweet, flexible gardening containers make it easy to green up any space.

  • The Design Sponge

    The Design Sponge delves into the World of Woolly Pockets and decides to test drive her own indoor garden.

  • Outside Artist

    For ideas on how to create a modern and inviting outdoor space, we turned to Tara Heibel, owner of the hip urban gardening stores Sprout Home (in Chicago and in Brooklyn) and an all-around groovy gal.

  • How to make a hanging plant display

    A vibrant jungle thrives on this San Francisco wall, designed by Flora Grubb Gardens using Woolly Pockets

  • HGTV looks at Edible Gardens

    Jeff, Maureen and their two children are a green, eco-conscious family. They do everything they can to take care of the planet including growing their own organic vegetables in their giant backyard.

  • Miguel Nelson of Woolly Pocket

    The path to a better world isn't through pavers but via plants, says artist and Woolly Pocket founder Miguel Nelson. "I love architecture but I think if everyone was gardening instead of building, things would be better...

  • Woolly Pockets add greenery to snug spaces

    Without a weekend house or a trust fund, most San Franciscans don't have enough space to exercise their green thumbs. But a new crop of modular gardening containers is helping the city-bound create their own... living walls out of the tightest of spaces...

  • Look! Woolly Pockets at Flora Grubb Gardens

    We've written about the Woolly Pocket Garden Company on Apartment Therapy before, so you've probably seen the super-swanky photos of their product, complete with hot models and equally hot interiors. But... now's your chance to finally see this DIY vertical gardening system in person...

  • Woolly Pocket Garden makes planters to snuggle up with

    As a newish gardener with a big deck but no usable dirt in my backyard, I'm always on the lookout for awesome plant containers, and I think these Woolly Pocket planters definitely fit the bill. They aren't... expensive (they range from $29 to $245), they come waterproof and less waterproof, and they are designed to be placed on the ground or hung from a wall. The hanging part is a major plus, since vertical gardening is the new raised bed! (Especially for those of us who have nowhere to put a raised bed.)

  • Pick Pocketed Woolly Pocket Gardening Containers

    The latest independent endeavor from the clever folks behind Los Angeles’s uber-green event spaces Marvimon and SmogShoppe, Woolly Pockets take planting to a whole new level. Simply hang the soft...

  • Garden gift guide: Woolly pockets

    Every once in awhile, a totally innovative product comes along that completely wows us. And the Woolly Pocket is one of them. Made from recycled plastic bottles, Woolly Pockets are flexible, waterproof plant... containers for your tabletop, floor, and—our favorite—your wall. You can use them indoors and out, and they're designed to hold full-sized plants so you can create lush living tapestries in any room.

  • Living Art

    Miguel Nelson was inspired by the gardens he and his wife saw during their travels in France and wanted to recreate the lush look in their home. The solution? Woolly Pockets. Woolly Pockets are an innovative, low... maintenance gardening option that works well for indoor and outdoor spaces of various sizes. They range from $29-$247 depending on size and style.

  • Who needs a Chihuahua? Fashion for your favorite foliage

    My children often accuse me of loving my plants more than them (which really isn’t true), but if I start carrying the Vagabond by Miguel Nelson, people might wonder. The Vagabond is 9 inches tall with a... 5-by-10 inch opening with two reclaimed leather straps to sling over your shoulder. Think of the portable planter as a cocktail party conversation starter. Your getup will rival any starlet’s hobo bag containing a designer dog.