Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vertical garden?
Vertical gardens (also called living walls) are organized system of plants that grow vertically up walls, fences and other vertical surfaces. Vertical gardens are a beautiful way to show off plants, cover unsightly walls, create privacy in courtyards and increase air quality in any space.

What is a Woolly Pocket?
Woolly Pockets are lightweight, flexible, breathable, modular gardening containers. Pockets are used indoors and outdoors, on horizontal surfaces and vertical surfaces, and they have built-in moisture barriers to protect walls, floors and furniture. The Woolly Pocket vertical gardening system is unique because it's easy to install, completely modular, and the plants that live in Pockets are very easy to maintain.

What are Woolly Pockets made of?
Woolly Pockets have two main components: the breathable felt and the built-in moisture barrier. The breathable portion is made of 100% recycled plastic bottles that have been industrially felted. The military-grade moisture barrier is made from 60% recycled plastic bottles. We stitch each pocket together by hand in the USA with a double lock stitch and strong, UV-resistant nylon threads.

What is breathability and why is it important?
Plants need oxygen in their soil in order to thrive. Woolly Pockets are made of felt derived from recycled plastic bottles that allows the soil to refresh its oxygen supply. This feature is called breathability.

What is the best soil to use?
Quality brands of all-purpose potting soil like ProMix BX water provide retention, drainage, and nutrition, which is what your plants need to thrive in Pockets. For indoor installations, use the highest quality indoor potting soil. For outdoor installations, use the highest quality outdoor potting soil. Use filtered water to maintain the natural PH balance of the soil. For more info on soil, visit our planting information page.

What is the best water to use, how much, and how often?
The best water to use: plants (especially indoor ones) like to drink filtered water, don’t you? 

How Much & How often?
Watering amounts vary depending on plant types, climates etc. so you may need to experiment and get creative in the beginning until you find your rhythm — but here are some general guidelines to follow:

Remember, edibles like to be watered everyday

Wally One: 0.5L twice a week
Wally Three: 1.4L twice week
Wally Five: 10L twice a week
Mini Wally: 0.2L twice aweek

Tina: 0.2L / week
Lana: 0.4L / week

What is Drip Irrigation? Can I use it for Watering?
Drip irrigation is slow, accurate application of water directly to the plants' roots. It’s customized to meet specific watering needs and helps to maintain the perfect moisture levels in Pockets. When using drip irrigation in Wally, string the irrigation line behind the Tongue and in front of the moisture barrier and Wally’s Tongue wicks the water to the roots of the plants. For more information and detailed instructions, watch our video on community gardening which shows you how to set up a drip irrigation.

What kind of plants should I grow in my Pockets?
Nearly any container plant can grow in Woolly Pockets. Pick plants that are the right size for their new Pocket home. The bigger the Pocket, the bigger the plant it can hold. For indoor plants, Tropical plants work really well. Check our recommended plant list for details.  Fine Gardening, Sunset, and Sunset Western Garden Book are great resources to learn more about plants and gardening. Please remember that gardening takes time and care. Pockets are easy to maintain, however the plants still depend on you to be a responsible gardener.

What sort of maintenance will my Pockets need?
Pockets don't need much maintenance at all—every now and again you may need to brush off calcium deposits that could collect on the Pockets’ surface due to overwatering. Your plants will need most of your love and attention, along with water, sunlight and maybe a little extra fertilize.  You’ll want to pluck away dead leaves and flowers and have a sharp blade to trim away unwanted stems and branches.

What is a Woolly School Garden?
Find out at

Who created Woolly Pocket?
Woolly Pocket was founded in 2008 by brothers Miguel & Rodney Nelson. With Miguel’s background as a sculptor and Rodney’s background in manufacturing, they put their heads together to invent the breathable Pockets with internal moisture control. Now, the Woolly family has grown to include a passionate team of plant-minded folk working from Los Angeles and Phoenix in earth-friendly offices collaborating to inspire the world to have more fun with plants!

Where are Woolly Pockets made?
Woolly Pockets are handmade in the USA. We try to make as little impact on the earth as possible, and make every effort to use sustainable, local resources.

How do I plant my Wally?
Planting Wally is simple. Once Wally is installed, fill ¾ of the Pocket with high quality potting soil.  Remove your plants from their pots and consider gently soaking your plants’ roots in water before planting. This gives your little guy an extra spring in his step! Now, transplant the plants into Wally. Make sure some of your plants’ roots are in contact with the tongue (remember, Wally’s tongue is where your plant will be drinking the water from). Once your plant is securely embedded in the soil, feel free to add more plants, and to add and remove soil as necessary. Give your plants some water. Voila!

How do I plant my Islands?
Planting Islands is simple. First things first, unwrap your island open them up. Fill ¾ of the Pocket with high quality potting soil. Carefully take your plant out of its container and massage the root ball a bit. This will allow your plants roots to open up. In a regular pot, plants tend to get root bound, curling in on each other and eventually strangling themselves. With Islands, your plant will breath and grow strong, healthy roots.

Gently place your plant in the Island. Make sure the roots are entirely planted and covered in soil, add or remove more soil as needed. The soil should be level with the top of your Island. When you're all set and ready to water, Use a long-spout watering can or a wine bottle, and aim for the center of the Pocket. Take your time with the watering so that the water sinks into the Island’s soil and makes its way down to the reservoir, keeping the sides dry. That's it, you’re done!

How do I plant my Meadow?
Planting your Meadow is easy and fun. Once you have it all set up, fill your Meadow ¾  of the way full with high quality potting soil. Carefully take your plants of their containers and massage the root balls a bit. This will allow your plants roots to open up. In a regular pot, plants tend to get root bound, curling in on each other and eventually strangling themselves. With Meadow, your plants will be able to breath and grow strong, healthy roots.

When you're ready, plant your plants carefully in the soil, making sure to entirely cover the roots. Add or remove soil as necessary, you'll want the soil to be level with the top of your Meadow. Once you've finished planting, give the little family some nourishment with water. Water your Meadow in the center, steering clear of the sides. This will ensure your floors will always stay dry. That's it, you’re done!

How do I move my Meadow?
If you need to move your planted meadow, shimmy your Meadow onto a piece of plywood larger than the Meadow, starting with a corner. Once the plywood is under the Meadow, pick up the plywood and move to its new home!

I think my Pocket is leaking, what should I do?
While we never say never, it’s unlikely that your Pocket is leaking.  In 99.8% of the cases, the water is coming out through the breathable front of the Pocket and seeping down the felt in front of the liner. If this is the case, water your Pocket a little less next time, use a more precise watering device and always be sure that you are watering the tongue. You can also use an inexpensive moisture sensor to measure when your Pocket needs water.   

If, however the front of your Pocket is staying totally dry and water is leaking out through the bottom of the liner, then: remove the plants and soil and pour in some water.  If there's a hole in the liner it will be obvious.  If water does indeed leak through the liner, please let us know as soon as possible.  We will be happy to replace your Pocket.

Do plants drink tap water?
Yes.  Plants need water, and they can drink tap water if that's all that's available. Some cities, like New York, have exceptionally clean and pure tap water - so that's great! But if you live in an area where your tap water has a really high mineral or salt content (i.e. Los Angeles) you should use filtered water. Why?  Because the pockets are a "closed system" — all the water gets absorbed into the soil and used by the plants. They can't use those minerals and salts, though, so over time those can build up in the soil and on your Pocket. Outdoors, this will all get washed away by rain water. But unless you plan to take down your indoor pockets and switch out the plants and soil yearly, it's best to filter.

What is your Return Policy?
If you are not satisfied with your Woolly Pocket purchase(s), that's totally cool. Woolly Pocket allows you to return for a full refund or exchange within 30 days. Please acquire a return material authorization "RMA" number within the 30 day period following the date of shipment.
For all returns, products must be returned unused and undamaged. All products must be in their original condition and in their original packaging, along with any accessories, manuals or documentations shipped with it. Products that are returned damaged, and not in their original packaging will not be refunded. Woolly Pocket will not be responsible for items returned to us after the 30 day period.

If you have inquiries regarding returns, exchanges or acquiring a RMA number, please email us at or call our international toll-free number: 080 8101 5888.

Please ship returns to: 
Woolly Pocket
Units 1 & 2 Taplins Court
Church Lane
Hartley Wintney
RG27 8XU

How will my Pockets be shipped to me?
We ship all pockets via FedEx or USPS only. You are given the option to choose during checkout, there are several different quotes (ground shipping, 2-day or overnight). If you have a trained carrier pigeon we are open to that as well, but please alert us ahead of time for his arrival.

Where can I buy Woolly Pockets locally, do you have a store list?
There are hundreds of Woolly little family members selling Pockets all over the World! Please use our store locator to search for a nearby store that carries Woolly Pockets.

Do you ship overseas?
Yes, We ship to anywhere in the world! For International shipping quotes please email your entire order and shipping address to: Someone will be in touch with a few shipping options and to complete your order within the day.

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